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B2B Marketing - The Boring truth vilified

Vikram: I am going to go out there and say it, just like others before me have. B2B marketing is Boring to Boring. Taking it a step further, in my opinion, it's "Of the boring people, by the boring people and for the boring people."

B2B Marketer: Come on, Vikram, how can you say that? That is not correct and you are really pushing it a bit too far this time. Don't you know business buyers are intelligent and sophisticated types of buyers? They buy products or services to help their company be more profitable, reduce costs, boost productivity and enhance success. So, while creating our marketing plan, we have to consider what is essential to them, education and awareness.

Vikram: Of course, I agree with you. But aren't we all selling to "humans" at the end of the day? Hasn't research in the b2b marketing space revealed that most buying decisions are emotional. If they find you boring, they will not get involved emotionally, at least not in a positive way? Aren't businesses across the globe changing catering to a younger generation? What about the workforce?

Millennials are there everywhere, including management and decision-making roles?

Doesn't today's 'professional' seem to be stiff and outdated in the eyes of casual tech-savvy millennials?

Why do companies at the forefront of innovation have boring marketing campaigns? Does that sound right to you?

Where does it say a complicated product demands complicated marketing? That's like saying the more complex a math problem is, the more complex your solution should be. It doesn't make sense.

B2B Marketer: Hmm

Vikram: I rest my case, for now…


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